palm-beach-drinks-logo1Palm Beach Drinks is a family owned company that was born out of the tradition of family and friends get-togethers. They say a family that parties together stays together. In 2015 The Reed and Acosta Families joined forces and experiences to bring to America the best tasting drinks on earth. Whether you enjoy drinks at home or at a restaurant, bar, night club or festival setting, a great drink at affordable prices can make your experience that much better.
Vodka, Rum, Gin, Juices, Soda and Beer are the main products we, at Palm Beach Drinks, enjoy to produce. The company founders and their partners are very seasoned world travelers and have enjoyed many libations from all over the world and in all kinds of joyful environments. Whether it’s a night club in New York, a Festival in Los Angeles, a red carpet event in Las Vegas, or a Florida Tiki Bar, nothing says good times like a refreshing and smooth drink.
The Palm Beach Drinks company is proud to be a Florida company that makes most of its products beautiful West Palm Beach.   A combination of great weather, stunning beaches, beautiful palm trees, amazing people and great drink making experiences, make for the perfect combination of resources to bring to the world the acclaimed cocktails and beverages the can turn any party into a great party. Our Florida manufacturers use hometown and family recipes to bring you a delightful set of beverages options including the finest citrus flavors that will make you fall in love with life again over and over.
Cheers! from all of us to all of you. We thank you for enjoying our drinks with your friends and family. We plan to bring you our collection of Palm Beach Drinks spirits and beverages anywhere in The United States, Europe and South America.
We strive to be part of your party traditions. The Palm Beach Drinks family wants you to keep experiencing the joys of life. Our company is environmentally friendly and supports the employment of American workers.
Palm Beach Drinks….Cheers to life! Salud